Why Use UPVC?

go win 0299The key Benefits of UPVC Windows and Doors are that they:

Offer a modern alternative

All our UPVC windows and doors offer attractive and practical alternatives to conventional wooden or aluminium options. The designs are modern and innovative with windows that slide, pivot, tilt and turn.

Are competitively priced

Because of their excellent build and long lasting qualities, UPVC windows and doors represent excellent long term value. They are easy to maintain and keep clean and can offer vast energy savings in comparison to buildings that have wooden or aluminum windows fitted.

Provide exceptional insulation

UPVC windows and doors are manufactured to ensure maximum insulation performance. The insulation properties of UPVC help keep the wind out, resist condensation and reflect the sun's rays for a cooler interior. Cooler temperatures are maintained for longer periods within a controlled environment.

Protect your home

The UPVC assembly of our windows helps to exclude draft and noise.

Never rust or corrode

Unlike traditional wooden or aluminum windows which are susceptible to rust and corrosion, our UPVC windows will never rust or corrode so will always look and function at their very best.

Do not require painting or oiling

As they are available in a wide range of colours and finishes getting the look you want is easy and requires no additional work after they have been fitted. With minimal care your windows will always look as good as new.

Come in lively colours

Our windows come in a variety of colours that will enhance the look of any home and undergo rigorous testing to ensure the colours will not fade in the sun. All come with a 5 year guarantee.

Are easy to maintain

UPVC windows and doors are extremely easy to wipe clean with soap or detergent and weather well.

Are everlasting and forbearing

UPVC windows and doors never warp, expand or contract even under extreme hot or cold weather conditions, unlike wooden or aluminum windows.

Are extra resistant to burning or flaming

Because UPVC windows are resistant to 390 degrees Celsius they will withstand fire and heat far longer than traditional wooden or aluminum windows. In the event that the UPVC is exposed to a naked flame, no toxic fumes will be released.

Are friendly to the environment

UPVC is environmentally friendly and 100% recyclable.ACBR