Window Security

Window Security

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Hingeguards - Hingeguard is the ideal solution to the provision of extra security to the hinge side of a window. Designed to engage only when the window is under attack, the security plates prevent disengagement by supporting the friction hinge.

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Stainless steel shootbolt and roller locking - The solid, bi-directional locking bolts anchor the opener securley into the top and bottom of the frame and with the roller locking, ensures the opener receives all-round protection


Locking wedge - Fitted at the hinge side of the windows over 800mm, the locking wedge acts as an additional anti-leaver security device


Centre lock - The next generation of window locking, with its central twin locking, replaces the out-dated single deadbolt. The twin locks powerfully grip the window frame, preventing potencial attack from a jemmy or crowbar. Tested to BS 7950, the British Standard that relates to resistance against forced