Veneered and Varnished Doors

wooden-doorsDOOR LEAF:

  • Solid materials door stile (internal frame) used for making doors 
  • The optimal humidity rate is %12 consisted of coniferous tree which was dried privately. 
  • After it was purified from the snags, it is combined with finger-jointed, destroyed the deformation and increased the resistance. 
  • The size of the stiles’ section is 28*42 
  • There is an air space grooves that has 6*3mm measure inside the stiles. 
  • There will be double stile on the sub of the door leaf. 
  • There will be extra stile for opening lock housing. 
  • The door leafs are made up of 6mm MDF covered by veneer. The lock housing is drilled for 40mm oval lock. Hinge housing and lock striker are drilled if there is a special request. 
  • There will be used honeycomb which has resin-based, 1,3 kg/cm2 resistance and comply with TSEK in the framework. 
  • General principles as mentioned above are the same for producing glazed doors. While the carcass process there will be solid stile on the housing of glass opening that will be drilled in the middle of door leaf. 


  • All the door frames are made from 42mm sandwich panels (12mm MDF+18 mm solid wood + 12mm MDF) 
  • All the door frames are suitable for using regulated architraves and the architraves montage grooves, gasket grooves and rabbet will be drilled. 
  • The door surface will be cover with veneer. 
  • The join of door head will be 45 degree. 
  • There will be a drill for special screw 
  • There will be drilling for gasket groove in the frame rabbet in order that the sound and heat insulation are provided.


  • In accordance with details of adjustable mouldings, they will be made up of MDF that has 12 mm thickness and 80 mm width. 
  • The surface of the mouldings will be covered with veneer.


  • For top surface varnish, we use best quality that belongs to respectable companies. 
  • All of the materials are acrylic based varnish and comply with environment and human health and it includes. 
  • The fill and finishing varnishes used production, have very-high resistance to scratch yellowing.


  • All the interior doors are produced to TSE (TS 1905) standards. 
  • The press doors are installed as a set (frame + door leaf) and they are tested in the bootstrap machines. 
  • We rigidly and routinely test selected products with drilling methods and record the results. These include: 
    • Horizontal resistance test 
    • Vertical resistance – hanging test 
    • Heavy/soft impact test 
    • Light/hard impact test