Steel Doors Specifications

  1. steel-doorsSteel material used in manufacturing is Ere─čli CRS 6112 ( A1) quality.
  2. Steel material used is subject to the processes of 80C degreasing, 60C iron phosphate coating and 5-stage preliminary steel cleaning in passivation pools before use.
  3. Our monoblock steel is subject to special folio lamination process through neutron system and given natural wooden appearance by this means.
  4. Our door-leaves are obtained from monoblock steel plates shaped by 900-ton presses.
  5. Our door-leaves that form the shape are injected polyurethane chemicals inside by 300-ton presses and hardened at 40-45 density. Therefore, our door-leaf structure which is resistant to 35-ton pressure, soundproof and heat insulated is formed on door-leaves.
  6. Corrosion-free durable door-leaves are obtained by completely eliminating the air contact of the steel used by coating door-leaf surfaces with 100% folio and filling internal surfaces with 100% polyurethane.
  7. Width measurements of our standardized door-leaves are 88 cm, our standardized door-leaf height is 200cm.
  8. Frame systems used in our doors are provided depending on our customers' requirements (steel, wooden coating on steel,) and all of our standardized cases can be adjusted for 18 cm-24cm walls or 24 cm to 30 cm wall thicknesses (Customized doors can be manufactured upon order).
  9. All accessories used in our doors have TSE certificate and are first class. 
  10. Lock systems customized according to our customers' requirements can be applied in our doors. Our standard lock are Hook looks for all the series other then the Monoblock series.
  11. High-quality fire doors are also offered to our customers. The fire doors are resistant to fire for 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes and they all have international certificates for fire.